Grey Suit Clay – Artist and Designer Francesca

Hand-crafted Design Information about Grey Suit Clay

Sheffield based Artist & Designer functioning to create unique and entirely hand-crafted ceramic homewares. Using stoneware clay along with a combo of stains and glazes, each slice is wheel-thrown. From small multi-use dishes to tableware to domestic kettle and planters – the focus is on creating well designed, nicely presented, and most importantly, well-made products.

Francesca takes her inspiration from the most natural resources; crops, minerals, and the fundamental properties of the materials she works with produce versatile and beautiful pieces that reflect my passion for the quality craft. Each piece is individually made and unique, with small multi-use dishes, tableware, and domestic pots and planters all coming together to create a stunning portfolio of stoneware which easily augments any room, be it living or functioning.

Homeware Ceramicist products used in cafe’s

Francesca says her focus is on creating nicely designed, well presented, and above all, well-made goods’, and she is more than merely minding these boxes. You have to hold among those bits to realise the craft’s quality and completion, which adheres to everyone’s time and effort. Well, if you have enjoyed a cup of java or indulged in the bar snacks menu in Public, you will have supped and scranned from plates and cups made by Francesca.

Made in Sheffield

And if you did not clock it the first time, Return and drink from the bright, soft pink glaze on all the pieces, but try and resist taking one home. And if you are eager to have a closer look at the Grey suit clay full range, the shop section on the website is upgraded bi-monthly and is available here. It would help if you also kept an eye out for their next Open Studio afternoon, where you will have the ability to peruse the collections and discuss any commission ideas you might have.  

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