Poole Pottery – Designed and handmade in England since 1873

Poole Pottery is an old pottery brand, originally founded in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England in 1873. As a successful business, it was established on Poole quay, where it continually made pottery throughout the centuries until it moved its factory operations to Burnley’s nearby town in 1999. There are two manufacturing sites for the potters: in the original factory and at the relocated factory.

The original factory was built about six hundred feet from the river Mouth, while the relocated factory is just near the town center. In addition to traditional potters’ wares such as glazed dishes, bowls, and tiles, the company also manufactures specialized ceramic accessories such as bowls and dishes for use in arts and crafts, home decorating furniture restoration. The company’s ceramic accessories are noted for their intricate designs, colorful designs, and unique shapes and forms.

Famous Ceramic Birds

Two significant varieties produced by the company are the traditional range, which includes many of the familiar styles produced in England over the centuries, and the modern and contemporary range, which results from innovative and successful innovations brought about by the company’s manufactured products. The traditional range mainly consists of figurines such as ceramic birds and fish, and for weddings and christenings; bowls and mugs with gracefully curved handles; bowls and mugs decorated in traditional motifs; and platters with smooth-edged spouts. Some of these are even intricately hand-painted to bring out the true colors of the potteries. Bolder and more stylish appearances mark modern and contemporary Poole pottery designed by this company, often being produced to fit in with the latest design trends.

The company produces pottery of various designs for various special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, Christenings, anniversaries, corporate events, holidays, and much more. Some of its most famous brands include Diamond Hope pottery, Fantaire Pottery, Eva Poole pottery, Poole Modern Art Pottery, Evelyn Poole Pottery, Louis Poole Modern Art pottery, and Eva Poole Elegance pottery. Many of its products are also available online, along with its brochures and catalogs. To buy your favorite pieces, go online, and browse its extensive collection of beautiful ceramic pieces for all occasions. Buy now from this reputed online Poole pottery factory.

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