Old Tupton Ware

Learn about Old Tupton Ware, a pottery brand based in the UK

Starting in 2001 in the quaint village of Old Tupton, Derbyshire, England. The brand was born by two pals who infused their knowledge of ceramic crafts.

Old Tupton Ware began with floral vases and successfully branched over to ornamental teddy bears, honey pots, night lights, and even spectacle stands. What sets the wares apart is the hand made element tube lined decorated with all the work.

The chosen art is usually colourful and unique, and some of the most popular pieces are created by local artists.  Old Tupton Ware pays homage to the art decor style design of the 1900s.  Tiffany dragonfly night light or their red butterfly night light use historical references in the methods such as the Art nouveau design era.

Jeanne McDougall Artist

Jeanne McDougall is a renowned designer of ceramic and glass in England, UK. She has created pottery pieces that appear to be inspired by the Art Nouveau movement—receiving her master’s degree in ceramics in Stoke-on-Trent. Jeanne Old Tupton Ware pieces are some of the most popular designs available by this UK pottery company.

Popular Designs

  • Tupton ware summer bouquet
  • Trinket box
  • Yellow Poppy flower
  • Tupton Ware Lavender flower
  • Tupton ware teddies
  • Tupton Ware Hibiscus Jug

How is Old Tupton Ware made?

Let’s now look at the production process each pottery piece goes through to be ready for retail. Earthenware is the material of choice to make stunning art.

honey pot with bee and spoon by tuptonware.com

Other similar British companies worth mentioning for their production process and quality creations are Poole pottery and Stoke art pottery.

The creation process begins in the pottery studio with an outline mould, then firing in the kiln at about 1000°c to set the clay and prepare for the next stage.

A clay turner goes to work on the mould and checks and cleans any excess clay seam lines, marks, and blemishes. When the clay turner is happy with the piece’s quality, then on to the next stage..

A skilled craftsman draws the design directly on to the pottery, and then the tracer traces the outline of the pottery design using a tool similar to an icing bag. Then Soft clay is used to create unique patterns and shapes.

Once set, a turner removes any marks and seam lines to ensure the finished product will be smooth and unmarked.   After hand-painting, glazing, and eight hours in the kiln, the Tuptonware pottery is ready for sale.

Is the pottery made from Porcelain or Earthenware?

Sources are reporting the pottery is made from Porcelain (stone). Earthenware (clay) is hard with translucent qualities making the material ideal for night lights; spectacle stands, plates, honey pots made by old tupton ware. All the items are tube lined decorated.

Is Old Tupton Ware currently creating new pottery for you to buy?

Yes, the brand is still actively crafting and creating new pottery in 2020; however, they have since relocated from Old Tupton village to Mid Wales. 

Types of pottery made by Old Tupton Ware

Honey pots are all unique, with different flowers displayed around the pot and a bee sitting on the lid. There’s also a spoon included helping you scoop the sweet honey up.

One of the newer Old Tupton Ware collection of vases with a modern art style design. There is a range of different styles sizes and shapes of vases.  Mini vase, Large bottle vase, flared top.  Many borrow from art deco style design of the 1900’s.  The Red vase displayed above is named ‘noon’ and is a small centerpiece vase 6″ in size and ideal for the mantlepiece.

Pottery centerpiece vase oldtuptonware uk

Here’s a red poppy night light that plugs into any wall socket in your home. There are about ten more beautiful night lights, all with different floral designs. The Old tupton ware night lights are available with animals, insects, and flower designs.

Flower Night light tuptonware handpainted

Glasses holders are a lovely gift and very useful never to lose your glasses again! The one above is also a poppy flower design. There are four different spectacle holders stand in this vast range of different styles: summer flowers, Blue Iris, Hibiscus flower.

Spectacle stand upright by old tupton ware

Where can I purchase an Old Tupton Ware pottery piece?

Old Tupton Ware gifts are lovely presents for Mum or grandma and anniversary gifts for any wedding anniversary. Boxed Old Tupton Ware in protective containers and including a gift message.

Many museums and small boutique shops stock Old Tupton Ware pottery. There are also several online shops where you can buy an old Tupton vase or honey pot.

The second-hand market is another place to find unique ceramic pottery. Old Tupton Ware is a future antique and is already found in antique stores throughout Great Britain.