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Easy programs to play mancala

Mancala is one among those games that’s exhausting to teach nonetheless easy to play, and which then will get horribly tactical and inappropriate as soon as you’ve mastered it!


The principle that is that gamers ‘sow’ and ‘dangle’ the counters, by dropping them one after the other into consecutive holes.

The goal is to raise extra counters than your opponent.

Getting started

Set apart four counters in every of the 12 holes of the board.

Every participant has a mancala, or store, on the tip of the board.

The board is placed between the gamers. You possess the row of holes nearest you, and the mancala to your actual.

  1. The first participant chooses one among their holes and picks up your entire counters in it. Deposit one counter in every gap, working counterclockwise unless your entire counters are former.
  2. Every time you salvage to your possess mancala, count it as a gap, and deposit one counter. If it’s the opponent’s mancala, recede out it out and build the counter into a gap for your row.
  3. If the closing counter is dropped for your possess mancala, you salvage a free turn. You lift up your entire counters for your mancala and play again.
  4. If your closing counter is dropped into an empty gap for your side, you salvage that counter and all those in the gap without lengthen reverse.
  5. The general counters you dangle must be build for your mancala.
  6. Sustain playing unless all six spaces on one side of the board are empty, and the sport ends. Whilst you unruffled dangle counters for your side of the board, you dangle all of them and build them for your mancala.

The winner is the person with primarily the most counters in their mancala.


Whilst you shuffle first, lift a gap that’s five strikes away out of your mancala. This system, the closing counter will be dropped for your possess store. This offers you one other turn.

Since you salvage one other turn if the closing counter is dropped for your possess mancala, figure out which gap to originate with to create this occur.

Play the gap the build the closing counter for your hand will land in an empty gap for your side. If the gap reverse it has counters, you dangle all of them.

There are diversified versions of Mancala, and possibilities are you’ll play significant extra no longer easy games while you fancy. Also, while you’re fidgeting with children, possibilities are you’ll originate with easiest three counters in every gap while you wish dangle to create the sport sooner!

Intention four stones (color doesn’t topic) into every of the 12 pockets. Every participant ‘owns’ the row of six pockets closest to them, and the storage converse to their actual.

It’s the sequence of stones you salvage yourself with that issues, no longer the color, nonetheless for readability, the stones will now be shown as abet and white, so that possibilities are you’ll inspect how they switch in the preliminary levels of the sport.

The instructions on programs to create this mancala board could be chanced on in self-discipline 57

Proceed on this contrivance, interesting the stones counterclockwise.

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