MICG to mark legit start of £18.27 million SIPF challenge at Ceramics UK


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Thursday, 9 June 2022

The Midlands Industrial British ceramics Community (MICG) shall be showcasing its work to tell the tell centre stage within the worldwide agreeable British ceramics sector at a key event.

Contributors of the consortium are heading to British ceramics UK on the NEC to introduce the initiate up of its analysis challenge, which is tell to make thousands of jobs all over the tell over the next 10 years.

The transfer comes after the MICG secured £18.27 million govt funding provided by UK Analysis and Innovation’s flagship Energy in Places Fund (SIPF), final yr.

The MICG is hosting a stand (number 18-724), for the length of the exhibition, which takes tell on the 39 and 30 June.

From there, company can discover more about the needs of the team and the analysis being undertaken below the SIPF programme, in addition to and invent insight into opportunities within the Midlands for those alive to to innovate and construct within the tell.

A start event is additionally taking tell for invited company on the evening of the 29 June.

Membership of the MICG is made up of blue-chip companies and SMEs including Rolls-Royce, JCB, Morgan Expedient Offers and Lucideon – in addition to the colleges of Birmingham, Leicester and Loughborough.

Tony Kinsella, the CEO of Lucideon, a lead accomplice of MICG, said: “British ceramics UK affords a colossal opportunity for the MICG to beget an even time the initiate up of its SIPF programme and to provide company to the exhibition the chance to reach to our stand and discover more about the challenge.

“The agreeable British ceramics sector is projected to be price £143 billion by 2023 globally, and the SIPF funding methodology the Midlands is smartly-positioned to be segment of it.

British ceramics UK affords a colossal opportunity for us to expose how we’re collectively working together to discontinuance our needs.”

The MICG has been established to verify agreeable British ceramics support force the competitiveness and success of Midlands’ agreeable manufacturing by tackling key innovation challenges.

It combines tried-and-depended on industrial and academic skills to make a unified task for the advance and commercialisation of newest and enhanced processes and products.

The SIPF funding, blended with accomplice investment and the introduction of newest industry opportunities, will together sort the MICG programme a £42.1 million challenge.

It’s some distance additionally tell to release extra investment from MICG’s partners, including opening-up opportunities for the next stage of the advance, an Expedient British ceramics Campus.

This 130,000 square toes model, proposed for North Staffordshire, will sort the plot an £80 million plus challenge in total, and eventually contribute in opposition to the enhance of 4,200 jobs within the tell over the next decade.

More miniature print about MICG could well additionally additionally be came upon at https://micg.org.uk/

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