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This present day, we are exasperated to philosophize our #SupportNewTalent fundraising campaign.

Our aim is to make a selection out £10,000 for a brand recent Unique Ability Pattern Programme designed to stable a larger and extra sustainable future for emerging artists and to help any person, whatever their background, to fabricate a career in up-to-the-minute British ceramics.

Talking with artists, students and industry partners, we heard a heartfelt passion for creating a extra equitable future the place any person, whatever their background, can fabricate a career in up-to-the-minute British ceramics.

This solutions has shaped our Unique Ability Pattern programme. The programme will use the intelligent platform of BCB 2021 to assemble recent artists and extra established creatives to compose career-defining opportunities.

  • Talks and workshops by established artists for 300 contributors
  • Tailored mentoring toughen and a flexible get entry to fund for up to 20 early-career artists going by disadvantages
  • Structured networking opportunities for 50 early career artists to fabricate relationships and develop ambitions

We prefer YOUR support to make a selection out £10,000 to roam the Unique Ability Pattern. With your toughen, we are in a position to facilitate an dauntless recent programme – for creatives by creatives.

Your toughen is invaluable and as well you will build this by:

  • Donating by our Local Giving web deliver
  • Sharing our #SupportNewTalent allure to your social media channels using our free digital resources

We know the British ceramics community is beneficiant.

Your donation shall be a catalyst for replace.

Let’s #SupportNewTalent.

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