5 Completely Free Things To Do In Leeds

The Royal Armouries

This is one the best attractions in the country, period. This is the UK’s national museum of arms and armour and is situated right in the heart of the city of Leeds. As well being able to look at the arms and armour on offer, you can also partake in interactive learning and enjoy some the ingenious digital displays they have set up. Beyond that there are live action re-enactments for all to enjoy, including a live joust which has to be seen to be believed. Combine this with a jester’s yard and a crossbow range and suddenly you’ve got a day’s worth of activity without breaking the bank.

Leeds City Museum

It’s not clear from the name what the museum is all about. Is it about the history of Leeds? Nope, it’s about the history of life on Earth, and you’ll find thousands of ancient artifacts stored here from across the world. When you’re done looking around at the artifacts, you can enjoy the interactive displays and dig for fossils. You can craft Roman mosaics or even piece ancient pottery back together. The experiences here are unique, compelling and well worth a look.

Kikgate Market

Okay, so this isn’t technically free if you buy something, but Kirkgate Market really is one of those places you can just spend hours and hours walking around. It’s the largest of its kind in Europe and the buzz of the market is invigorating, not to mention the diverse products you’ll find across hundreds of stalls. Did you know that Marks & Spencer actually began life here too? You can pop into the original store, just around the corner for lunch.

Kirkstall Abbey

This abbey is simply stunning. Towering over the city, this 11th century abbey is one of the country’s best preserved, and wandering around the ruins really does take you back in time. Beyond the monastery, there’s a 24 hectare park – ideal for picnics and walks out in the sunshine.

Roundhay Park

This is one of the largest city parks in Europe and attracts well over a million visitors every single year. The park itself contains a number of smaller gardens, each with its own style and feel. The Monet Garden, Ahambra Garden and Canal Garden are just some examples. You’re guaranteed to find somewhere pleasant to stop and relax, and there are plenty of secluded and peaceful spots for picnics.

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