Why Travel to Menorca?

Thinking of a cool holiday destination? Menorca can be the best ideal summer spot to beat the summer heat. This quite serene island is situated 34 Km/21 miles from Mallorca and is the second largest of the Balearic islands. It is known for its quite and peaceful environment.

It has a Mediterranean climate and experiences mild winters in the months of November, December and January. The sunny days are enjoyed in the months of July and August when tourist flock the island to enjoy under its golden glory. The month of March brings strong northerly winds and so Menorca is often referred to as the ‘windy city’. Highest rainfall is experienced during October and through the winter months.

The island of Menorca has a long stretch of beaches. One can see many resorts line up its south coast shore and fishing villages to its northern shore. It is known to have as many beaches as the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza has together. Owing to its quite and hushed environment its beach resorts are rated to be family friendly resorts.

Sea lovers can have a wonderful time with activities to choose from like swimming, windsurfing, sailing, water-skiing, fishing, fishing, scuba diving, etc. Boat trips take you around the island and to the main points of the coast. Land activities include cycling and hacking.

The special feature of these beaches are that urbanisation has not interfered with its natural beauty. Menorca has tried to maintain its scenic glory by refraining to be a tourist landmass.

There are many interesting and leisure tourist attractions, the information of which is provided by the tourist offices situated in the town of Menorca. Beaches, museums, sightseeing, local events and festivals are some of the attractions that a tourister can look out for while on a Menorca holiday.

One can also experience great shopping experience in Menorca town. The markets provide clothing, crafts, jewellery along with fresh food in the city at reasonable rates. You can look out for the best leather and pottery products priced at lower rates than anywhere else in Europe.

Banks are only open in the mornings, and one can encounter an ATM center at all major points in the town. Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted throughout the island.

Agriculture is carried out in Menorca and hence you can get fresh vegetables apart from a variety of seafood. So you get to enjoy the finest cuisine. Don’t miss out on the mouth watering and the most popular lobster stew. You may also find a great selection of fish and shell fish, with sardines, sole, red mullet, squid, prawns, lobster and mussels. Above all the cheese produced in Menorca has received international recognition.

There are different modes of transportation available in Menorca. Buses are a good mode of transport to go around the town. Taxicabs also are good which provide stopover at sights and attractions of the island. If you are alone or accompanied by another then renting a scooter can be a cheaper deal. It also helps to move around the narrow lanes of Menorca.

Car rentals is also a great option to enjoy the scenic beauty at your own convenience.

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